Property and construction

Among the lawyers employed in our Law Office, there are advocates and attorneys-at-law who have been dealing with legal matters related to real estate turnover for many years. Not only are we knowledgeable about the legal status regarding property and construction industry, but also in the reality of the real estate market and conducting construction investments. Our greatest strengths are knowledge and specialist experience, care for the interests of our clients and a serious and professional approach to each task entrusted to us, regardless of whether it is assigned to us by a large company, or a novice entrepreneur or  an individual client. We are also aware of how difficult and complicated are the negotiations of contracts for the implementation of construction and real estate turnover - we conduct them on a daily basis, effectively representing the interests of our clients.

We support property owners in the field of property sales or putting it into use; we represent the interests of buyers, leaseholders, and tenants of properties. We give advice to participants of the construction process — both investors and contractors. Therefore, specialists from our Law Office will certainly help you in any matter related to construction law and even, properties.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in drawing up, negotiating and consulting contracts regarding to the lease of business premises, including offices and commercial-service facilities such as shopping centers. Acting on behalf of our distinct clients - both shopping centers and tenants of properties - we negotiate contracts and support the process of their execution. Furthermore, our Law Office has been recommended by one of the world's largest entities managing commercial facilities in the field of legal service associated with the lease of non-residential premises.