Personal data protection

The present realities, according to the Polish and community law, require anyone, conducting business or any other type of activity for other human beings (for example a religious association) to know and apply, the currently proper provisions on the protection of personal data. The wide scope of application of legal regulations, covering the abovementioned matters means that the help of a lawyer seems to be essential in many cases.

There is a team of lawyers who provide assistance in the effective implementation of EU and national provisions regarding the protection of personal data (including GDPR) in our Law Office. We are ready to support our clients in functioning on the market as entrepreneurs and employers in compliance with all requirements specified in relevant legal acts. Wide knowledge of the realities of business functioning and the character of non-governmental organizations (including religious associations) allows us to propose appropriate and effective solutions and signal potential risks.

At the client’s request, we indicate a possible infringement of the protection of personal data and propose specific solutions tailored to the specifics of a client’s business. We also organise training for the personnel in the field of personal data protection.