Private business


Personal life often creates a situation in which the help of a lawyer is necessary.  By offering business services, we do not forget about individual clients, for whom their criminal, family or inheritance case is often the most important matter in life. We are aware of the fact, that a visit to the court or the prosecutor's office, the necessity to settle a case with a notary, a divorce or death of a loved one, is a difficult and stressful moment in the life of a person who does not have special knowledge in case of law.  In such a situation, we take on the responsibility of conducting the whole matter based on our professional experience in private affairs.


Taking care of the highest level of professionalism, sensitivity and required discretion, attorneys-at-law and advocates from our Law Office expertly carry out our client through the entire family affair or inheritance case. We have extensive experience in divorce cases regarding the regulation of parental authority and contact with children. We offer legal assistance in the proper organization of the legal and family situation of our clients. Guided by the abovementioned values, we also provide comprehensive legal assistance in inheritance matters. Thanks to constant cooperation with a notary's office, we offer efficient and fully coordinated assistance in matters requiring the preparation of notarial acts.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in representing clients in criminal matters - both at the stage of preparatory proceedings (before law enforcement authorities), judicial and executive (in relation to convicts). We have comprehensive practice not only in typical criminal cases, but also in the field of economic crimes (so-called "white collars") or offenses (with particular emphasis on traffic offenses). In alliance with our client, we discuss in detail every aspect of the matter, proposing the best process strategy, and at the same time, we use our knowledge of the functioning of law enforcement authorities and the administration of justice.