„Retroactive rebate”, „net/net price”, „on top”, „Index”, „SKU”… If your company is looking for lawyers who do not need to have these concepts and principles of the trading market of fast-moving consumer goods explained, you have come to the right place.

Our Law Office is a team of dynamic and educated lawyers at the highest level. Our attorneys-at-law have been providing legal services to FMCG companies for many years, including co-founding the legal department of one of the largest Polish commercial networks. We will also conduct your business affairs with full commitment and success. In order to meet the expectations caused by the modern market to manufacturers, we are able to provide professional legal services to entities in this industry, give a prompt advice and defend the client against unfair business practices. We realize how important is the knowledge of market mechanisms in the field of FMCG, creativity and the speed of legal assistance.

As lawyers who, on a daily basis, deal with the operation of commercial networks employing several thousand employees, distributors, producers, but also small commercial companies, we perfectly know the market and the rules of its operation. Therefore, we can successfully help our clients at every stage of their activity - from drawing up and designing contracts, through supporting negotiations with other entrepreneurs, to effectively conducting judicial proceedings.