An economic activity, regardless of whether it is conducted by a sole trader or a commercial company, requires constant monitoring of changing legal regulations and making periodic changes in the organization in terms of adapting the company's operations to the changing legal environment. A constant support of competent lawyers, who continuously analyze the current legal status, cannot be overestimated. Thanks to our support, our clients can focus on what is the most important for them - running their business.

As part of "compliance" services, we offer ongoing control of consistency with the company's business regulations, optimisation of procedures in client’s business, creation of all kinds of policies, rules, instructions and other internal and corporate acts, a verification of contracts concluded as part of a business, and taking care of protection confidential information.

We believe that only perfect knowledge of the business, focusing on the individual needs of our clients and the highest level of our professionalism will make clients feel that their lawyers act as an efficient, reliable "fire protection system". Our role is to prevent a "fire" in our client's company. Therefore, we react in advance to anticipate possible legal consequences and to protect the client's interest, as well as to signal potential risks.