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A good course.

The Law Office

About us

Our Law Office is a seemingly young but highly experienced team.

It was founded by three partners — attorney-at-law Jacek Małecki, attorney-at-law Michał Chmielowski and advocate Jakub Grajzer, who began their professional practice several years ago.

The experience that has been gained by the partners in renowned law offices, in the legal departments of large corporations, as well as managerial positions in companies of various industries, has allowed building a professional company offering high-quality legal services, even to the most demanding clients.

Although the office is located in an old tenement house in the center of Poznań, we do not have old, oak furniture, dark interiors, and heavy curtains.

We are a modern law office; we choose effective and unconventional solutions. We are characterised by dynamics and creativity. We believe that there are no legal problems — there are challenges that must be overcome; we know how to do it for the benefit of the clients.


There are people who think that a lawyer should be like a fire protection system — to detect emerging threats and counter them when they happen, right before they spread. It is only part of the truth. We believe that our clients' plans should be implemented; our task is to indicate such ways of implementing these plans so that threats do not arise at all.

Some people think that the law works by itself. They are convinced that the lawyer is redundant for them, and will only be an unnecessary "brake" in their activities. We think that a good lawyer should support development, optimise activities and broaden horizons instead of limiting them. We believe and by our actions, we confirm that with the support of a lawyer you can act faster, better and more effectively.

We help you choose the way and achieve your goals more effectively. We indicate a good course.


Our legal assistance can be provided in virtually every area of law through various specialisations of employees and associates of our law office. Like most law offices, we can help in specific cases contingent upon individualized problems.

The determination of both the scope of the assistance of the Law Office and the person responsible for assistance in a given case or the conditions of such assistance provided by the Law Office are always followed by a detailed analysis of the given situation and a sincere conversation with a client.

The basis for determining the terms of cooperation between the client and the Law Office is the temporary involvement of the Law Office’s representative in the case and the complexity of it. The salary is determined in this case on an hourly rate.

Our clients are also offered a model of cooperation different from the hourly one, which is most often associated with lawyers. We offer “the Legal Umbrella". This is the basic service and at the same time the most comprehensive legal care offered by the Law Office. Its name is not accidental — it functions just like an umbrella that is spread out by the Law Office over our client. This service consists of providing permanent legal protection in all areas of the client's activity, which is possible thanks to the knowledge, experience and wide spectrum of specialisation of our employees.

“The Legal Umbrella" service is provided by the Law Office based on a contract for permanent legal assistance with a monthly flat-rate remuneration, determined individually for each client, after analyzing its activity and needs.

Our clients chose this model of cooperation with the Law Office also in the case of the will to entrust us with specific matters.

Subsequently, a constant relationship between the client and the Law Office allows, on the one hand, a more certain knowledge of the whole case and a closer relationship with a proxy, and on the other, the distribution of legal assistance costs over time.

The client of the Law Office, who decides on “the Legal Umbrella”, guarantees himself the legal assistance available all the time, for a fixed, relatively imperceptible, customized price.

The services can be provided both at the Law Office in Poznań, as well as through the permanent presence of our representative at the client's office. The detailed rules for the provision of services are each time specified in an individually tailored contract, concluded with the client.

Through the use of modern technology, the service may be also provided by the Law Office at a distance, without any detriment of the quality of legal service.