Intellectual property

The legal regulations related to the protection of intellectual property contain issues from many different branches of law, such as copyright, patent, civil and law on inventions. For the aforementioned reasons, providing legal assistance in the field of intellectual property law requires approaching the problem comprehensively, being equipped with practically interdisciplinary knowledge. Such help can be obtained in our office by any natural person, corporate entity or entrepreneur whose copyright is to be protected. We have a qualified team of attorneys-at-law and advocates, who are educated extensively and experienced in many areas of law, including in the protection of intellectual property. The group of our lawyers also includes research associates dealing with the issue of copyright.

We will help our clients to protect their copyrights against infringement, and if the violation occurs, we will represent our clients at every stage of the court litigation. Our knowledge and experience will ensure effective and professional representation of our clients against organizations for collective administration of copyright. From the point of view of the authors and proprietors of author’s economic and personal rights, the ability to provide professional advice in the field of protection of their works or the method of obtaining a license, patent, trademark etc. is very important. Our Law office is able to undertake such assistance and answer questions about the possibility of transferring copyrights, their duration, expiration or the way to ensure their full protection. Being aware of the growing activity of authors and creators in the cyberspace, we also offer consultancy and services for entrepreneurs in the field of protection of computer programmes or electronic databases created by them.