Business succession

Through the concept of succession in business (usually in a family business), we understand the transfer of power and control over the enterprise to the next, younger generation, while retaining ownership in the hands of the family. Succession is a complex and multi-stage process that undoubtedly requires a strategic plan and support. It is also a crucial condition for the development of family business in the future.

The passage of subsequent years since the transformation of the economic system means that an increasing number of Polish entrepreneurs will have to face the topic of succession in business in the near or distant future. With the help of a lawyer, the client will avoid many traps, and also choose the most optimal variant of the process from a legal and tax point of view. A different situation of each company means that every case should be considered individually - there are no good solutions that fit any situation.

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the commercial companies law, civil, economic and tax law, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of all legally and business-related aspects connected with the generation's succession in the enterprise. Bearing in mind the intentions of our client, as well as getting to know the specifics of its business operations, we are able to create an individualized project of the most optimal succession, and thus ensure success in the further functioning of the company over the years.